Medicine Hat's choice for no hassle window cleaning at any height

Reliable    Local    Affordable


We respect you + your home with a flexible  schedule +  insured services. 


Our priority is efficiency; we use only the right tools for each job.  


The team is Rope Access certified; no height is out of reach.  

Why Waikiki?

In Hawaiian, Waikiki means "spouting fresh water" as in the wetlands that once separated Waikiki from the interior of Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Waikiki's gorgeous views, easy-going attitudes and clear, clean waters are what inspire us to deliver clear, clean windows. 

We're dreaming of the beach but grateful to be locals of Canada's sunniest city

Bordering the Land of Living Skies, Medicine Hat has sights worth seeing, on the shared territories of Treaty 4 and 7. 

Team Waikiki

Don't be fooled by our new name (or new Medicine Hat area code), we're highly skilled with thousands of hours combined experience in the trade

As certified Rope Access Technicians we like to think we're sill surfers. Avoiding cumbersome ladders and expensive lifts whenever possible makes the job quick, safe and cost effective. 

Our customers say:

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